Funny Quotes SMS Jokes for Whatsapp Status

Funny Quotes SMS Jokes for Whatsapp Status
Funny Quotes SMS Jokes for Whatsapp Status

Funny Quotes SMS Jokes for Whatsapp Status

Hello guys how are you guys. So friends, I have brought another article for you in this article. In this article I am with you funny quotes whatsapp status SMS.. So friends, I have seen a lot of people. Does he look for s funny jokes sms on the internet that he can share with his friends. So friends, after reading this article complete, your problem will go away and you will be able to share and share funny jokes and jokes with your friends and on your WhatsApp status. You will enjoy reading this article very much because there are such spun quotes that will make you laugh and laugh at you. 

And after reading these funny quotes and such jokes, you will also laugh for a long time and this funny quotes and jokes will also give you a lot of fun. And you can also easily copy these funny jokes. And you can also apply all these funny quotes and whatsapp status. And these sms.

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The purpose of bringing funny jokes and quotes is that you can laugh because laughing is very important for human life and for health. Laughing has a great effect on human health, a person forgets his day-to-day tiredness and for some time, funny quotes and sms jokes With this you will forget your tiredness and all the tension of your body for a while and this will make you feel very good and you will feel a lot in your health as well. Not only this, by putting all these funny quotes and such jokes on your WhatsApp status, 

You can also give happiness to your friends and make them laugh as well because it is a good thing to make others laugh and happy too. So guys funny quotes sms joke You can make your friends laugh as well by making them happy on your WhatsApp status Because it is a good thing to make others laugh as well and you can share these funny jokes to your friends via SMS and send them too So friends, read the funny jokes and apply them on your WhatsApp status and enjoy them a lot. 

Funny Quotes SMS Jokes for Whatsapp Status

→ A woman likes to have four animals in the house: a jaguar in front of the door, a fox in the closet, a bull in the bed and a sunnaculli to pay for all this.
→ Are these your eyes, I found them between my breasts!
→ At this time I have a déjà vu and loss of memory at the same time. I'm thin I've forgotten this before.
→ Be friendly with your children, they choose your home as you get older!
→ Treat those who smoke well. Every cigarette's thigh should be their last.
→ Birdy Birdy in the Sky, I left a camp in my eye. I don't care, I don't cry, I'm just glad a cow can't fly !!
→ Braindetector is activating, calibrating, now searching ……… still searching …… get a good hold of your mobile.… Search search …… .no brain found.
→ Didn't I see you at the mall yesterday with a gray jacket? No? Hey, it was a crap bag after all! .
→ Don't bother, I'm quite upset as it is. . .
→ Don't be sad, don't feel gum, Einstein was ugly too!
→ E The man pays the $ .1,00 item for the $ .2,00 he needs, the woman pays the $ .2,00 item for the $ .200 he does not need.
→ Excessive use of alcohol can lead to conception.
→ I will go to the end of the world for you. Do you promise to stay here? "
→ God made the earth, God made wood, God also made you, but yes, even God makes mistakes!
→ God created the universe, earth, nature, eggs, man and saw that it was good and beautiful. God also created a woman and thought: thought I hope she makes herself '!
→ Hello I am a virus and I am entering your brain right now… .. Sorry I will leave, I cannot find a brain.
→ Hello, this is GOD. I do some evil creations but you are the worst monster I have ever felt. My apologies to the whole world.
→ How would you like your eggs for breakfast ... hard boiled or pregnant?
→ I am a murderer, I kill people for money… ..but because you are my friend, I will kill you without anything!
→ I know that I am single, my parents were not able to have children ...
→ I like to compare you with a nice cold glass of beer, beautiful colors, exquisite taste, really perfect and when the glass is empty!
→ I smelled coke once, but the icecubes blocked my nose…
→ If an ugly injury occurs, you will be in pain all day.
→ If you actually draw on your ID, you are not enough for the trip.
→ I want to become a volcano ... smoke all day and people say ... Look, it's working!
→ My feelings for you are like the sea. "Wild and romantic?" "" No, they make me sick.
→ My mother in law walks five miles every day, I wonder where she is at the moment…
→ Good perfume… but do you really need to marinate in it?
→ One in four people is Chinese. If your father, your mother and your brother are not Chinese, then it should be you.
→ Opticians twist the rims / frame of your glasses because they are too polite to say that your ears are in the wrong place.
→ Read in the hospital… Psychiatrists can get upset
→ Roses are red, violet are blue, Frankenstein are ugly but what happened to you ????
→ Roses are red, violets are blue, most poems are rhymes, but this one is not…
→ Scientists in America have proved that people who do not perform well in bed and who find it difficult to hold their mobile in their right hand ………………
→ Smoking is not allowed in this area!

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So guys, in this article you have read the funny jokes In this post I have given you a lot of funny jokes and funny qualities And I hope you have read all these funny jokes and you have enjoyed them a lot and after reading these you will still be laughing and you may be thinking that we will give these funny jokes to your friends.  So friends, you can share them the way you want or you can also apply WhatsApp status. If you liked this article of mine, then you should share this article with me as much as possible and if you have an idea and you have funny jokes then you can send me I will add your sent jokes to my own post. Thank you very much for visiting my website and for reading Funny Quotes SMS Jokes for Whatsapp Status. 

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